Haven't you joined in the Aomori-Nebuta-Festival yet? Once you join it, you must be surprised like "What a merry time Japanese people are having!"

We are ”Metropolitan Aomori Nebuta Band" ;

 the party give a performance of the Aomori-Nebuta-festival in the Metropolitan area, Tokyo, Japan. 

<The purpose of  our activities>

We aim at having more people enjoying Aomori-Nebuta-Festival ; ”important intangible folk cultural property”, by showing our festival in some events or festivals in metropolitan area, Tokyo, Japan.  And the target of our wish is not only Japanese people but all the people in the world.  So we hope a lot of people are interested in Nebuta-Festival through seeing our activities.

<The Practices>

The practice of the Drum, the pair of gongs and the flute is carried out about twice a month or more.  We practice playing those instruments delightfully.  We always welcome you join us.  If you are interested in our party, visit "Contact me" page to send us E-mail.

<The Member composition>

 The members are various with young and old men and women (teen-age to 60s), the Aomori Prefecture's natives, the other prefecture's natives, the experienced, the inexperienced, and their children.

<Joining in the Nebuta Festivals in various places>

MonthName of FestivalPlacePosition 
MarchSakura tsutsumi street flower festival Kanegafuchi, Tokyo 
MayMarronnier FestivalAsakusa-bashi, Tokyo  
August Aomori Nebuta FestivalAomori city, Aomori prefecture  Individual
AugustHagoromo Nebuta FestivalNishi-Kunitachi, Tachikawa ciry, Tokyo  
AugustMatsuri TsukubaTsukuba city, Ibaraki prefecture Individual
SeptemberSakura-Shinmachi Nebuta Festival Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 
SeptemberNakanobu Nebuta FestivalShinagawa-ku, Tokyo 
Octobersagamihara Nebuta Carnival Sagamihara city, Kanagawa prefecture 
NovemberSakuramoto shopping street Japan Festival Kawasaki-ku, Kanagawa prefeture  


Performance on the stage or appearance on TV

YearProgram nameWhereSponsor
2010Parade of "Tokoton Aomori MAX in Harajuku"OmotesandoAomori city
2010Pittanko kan kan specialTV TBS: Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc
AnnualAomori-high school almuni associationStageAomori-high school almuni association
AnnualAomori technical high school almuni associationStageAomori technical high school almuni association
AnnualAn Eve of dormitory of Aomori prefecture's studentsKodaira cityAomori prefecture
AnnualAomorian FestivalStageAssociation of people from Aomori prefecture
2010An Eve of the cultural festival in Tokyo metropolitan Kasai technical high schoolIchinoeKasai high school
2010An Eve of the cultural festival in Tokyo metropolitan Rokugoh technical high schoolEast RokugohRokugoh high school
2008Nogizaka Uoshin; IzakayaStageUoshin company
2008The man who carved love Munakata Shiko, "I want to become the van Gogh of Aomori"TVFuji Television Network, INC
2007Praemium Imperiale in Honor of Prince TakamatsuTVFuji Television Network, INC
2006The united almuni association of Aomori prefecture's high schoolStageAomori prefecture
2005Next Door TVTBS: Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc.
2005Nebuta in Seoul TV RAB Aomori Broadcasting Corporation.
1996Concert of Ina Kappei ; TV personalityStageAomori prefecture
Aomori technical high school almuni association

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